The Tee…. is it just a ball holder?  Just hold the golf ball up in the air, and then let it be hit by the golf club…. away the ball fly’s, and the tee, where is it?  There are a few possible options:

#1 – The tee is right where you put it, still in the ground, standing upright, or maybe slightly tilted in the direction of where the ball went!  Your able to reach down and pick up your tee, place it back in your pocket or perhaps back into your golf bag!

#2 – The tee, you saw a flash of something moving in front of you, or maybe it was behind you, your not quite sure, you are just sure that something that your pretty sure was the tee is now somewhere around you, so a search and find mission ensues.    Ahhhh, there it is, you are so happy as you found it, and you pick it up and place it back into your pocket or perhaps back into your golf bag!

#3 – The tee, is located in 2, 3, or more pieces.  The impact of the club, has broken your golf tee.  What do you do now?  You make a decent attempt to find the parts and then you toss them to the side, where you see other tee parts….. this is generally what happens to the lowly golf tee.

Hey now, we are talking about does the ball seat matter, not where is my tee!   The answer is yes, the ball seat does matter, and last month we discussed this as well.   The ball seat and the golf ball have a great relationship.  The tee can make the ball look good, and when impact comes, the ball can release the ball with as least friction as matters.    And less friction is good, as it makes the ball move better.   Tee 4 Life has the best ball seat.  Period.   Yes.  Period.   See our video that explains this in greater view and you can see the true science behind less friction at impact.   The ball seat matters!