What are you talking about? The tee is just an object that holds up the golf ball!  Wrong!  120 years ago, they used a little shot glass, they filled it with dirt, they turned it upside down, and removed the glass or tin, and put the ball on top of it.  It was how they raised the golf ball!  Then it evolved into a wood tee, and for 80 years a wood tee has been the way you tee up your golf ball.   The tee has been in the category of the golf industry as a “Accessory”, it has not been viewed in the more highly esteemed category of “Equipment”, well its time for that to change.   Here is why?

Accessory – let’s define that – something that makes something more useful?  something that enhances something else.  Now lets define Equipment   Equipment – let’s define that – the necessary items for a particular purpose.

Oh my – let’s make this very clear.  The Golf Tee, yes it must be needed to enhance the golf ball, however, an Accessory has another meaning, which is, ‘something that is optional’.    You buy a car, you may want a moon roof, you may want navigation, yet, you don’t have to have those things.   On the other hand, you have to have an engine and tires to make the car go!   A golf tee has now been proven, that the ball seat matters.  It actually can contribute to less friction or more friction at impact.   That in itself is HUGE NEWS, the ball seat by many different types of golf tees, all have this in common – their is less friction at impact!  So the golf tee affects the golf ball, in a significant way.  Less spin means greater distance with ball flight and how the ball rolls.    Depending on the type of tee, and the club head speed… how does 3 yards (9 feet), 4 yards (12 feet), 5 yards (15 feet) 6 yards (18 feet) would you say that is an accessory?   What if it was 1 yard (3 feet)  would that matter to you?   Imagine 3′ of added carry or roll!  We would always take that!    Its a fact, the ball seat make a difference.    The tee is not just an option!  It is indeed part of the golfers equipment ensemble.    The ball matters!   The club matters!  The grip matters!  The shaft matters!  The TEE matters!   its time for the golf tee to be recognized.    It may have taken 120 years, however, technology, has caught up with the tee.    We are so proud of our tee, not only does it have THE ball seat, yet it has the body, a body that does not  break!     Go Tee!  Go Tee!   Go High Performance Golf Tees!   Go Tee 4 Life!