Ok, really, is this ok?   You go golf, your excited!  You got your shoes, your best golf shirt, you got a golf ball that you like, you got clubs that you are finally happy with, and even your golf glove fits so nicely!  Oh and your grips, feel good too.  Your ready to tee it up!  Boom, down the fairway, your happy.  You  walk to your  ball or to the cart, but oh wait, are you going to pick up the 2-3 pieces of the golf tee that is no more?   Maybe, maybe not.    It’s time to change this process, the tee should not be breaking after every hit, or maybe it holds up and lasts an entire round, only to be broken in your next round?  Is that ok?    Its only .25 cents? Or maybe it was free, provided by the club/course?   Or maybe it was $1?   Does it matter?  It does!  The tee should not be viewed as just something that can be broken.  It needs to last awhile.    WE will change the global thinking of the golf tee!  The golf tee matters, the ball seat mattes, and it needs to last a long time.