We saw this add pop up:  Get your 100 personalized wood tees “Dad I Love You”  $29.99, then we searched a bit, and someone had 100 personalized tees for $9.99.     Wow, does that sound like a great deal?   Let’s talk about this and really what does it cost?

The average golfer will use 7 wood tees per round.    So your Dad likes to play 5 rounds a month.   Good ole Dad is going to use 35 wood tees.  Every time he teed it up, he did see “Dad i Love You”, and its true!  Its still a really nice thought.   Happy thoughts are good when you golf.   “Dad I Hate You” does not make for a very nice round of golf.     Ok, so back to the 35 tees for the month.   All of those tees are scattered and broken, and after your Dad plays for 3 months, he no longer has any of his “Dad I Love You” golf tees.   If fact, he ran short.    For easy math, he used your “Dad I Love You” tees for 3 months.   3 months of really nice happy thoughts.    You gave him a nice gift for $10 or $30 depending on where and who you bought them.   Now let’s run this a different way.    You decide to buy Tee 4 Life Personalized Tees.   “Dad I Love You”  and 100 is our minimum.   (We are working on a way to have smaller quantities for imprint, so stay tuned, and it will be super good when we can)

100 Logo Tees using PGA/LPGA Tour Tee 4 Life Tees = $200!   Wow, that is a huge cost difference compared to the wood tee… or is it?   Good ole Dad, gets his 100 Tees and he plays with ONE Tee for 3 years!   After 3 years he may have worn out the tee head, but his “Dad I Love You” T4L tee never broke, in fact he has grown very sentimental to his ONE Tee.   He loves it.    And he has not shared in the breaking of wood tees all over the tee box.  But what about the other 99 tees?  He can kindly and generously give a few to his friends, who see that his son or daughter “Really Do Love Their Dad”  as they gave him a product that is made to last and last.    How cool is that.   How special is that?   Ok, let’s do this…. son or daughter want to buy dad “Dad more wood tees that say “Dad I Love You” So that he can use these for 20 years.    5 rounds a month…. ready for this:

60 rounds a year x 20 years = 1200 rounds x 7 tees per round =8400 wood tees!   x $10 per 100 tees = $840 in 20 years worth of wood tees.


100 T4L “Dad I Love You” Tees for $200 and we can guarantee that he likely at the most will only need 7 tees, and to be brutally honest, he may only need 1 Tee.   If he never loses it, and has a 90 mph club head speed the tee could last him 20 years.   And he can still share his other 93 or 99 tees with his friends!    You just saved $640 dollars and you saved a birch tree and you saved on the cleanliness of the tee boxes.   What you really did say… “Dad I Really Do Love You”