Who We Are

Our original design. The “Tee Guard” jacket.

We absolutely hate to see broken tees. Wood or plastic. Our message is very focused. Save a Tree and Improve a Life! Our tees do just that. The photo you see is how we began. We created a “guard” then was like a little jacket that fit around a wood tee, that was how it began. Quickly we received input from PGA Tour Players, that the time was right for a composite tee that would really make our message stand out! So here we are, proud to launch Tee 4 Life in 2020! In designing and developing an unbreakable golf tee, we took almost one year to fine tune our composites so that they would be just soft enough to withstand 150 mph club head speeds, and also have a surface that would produce less friction at impact. This is what gives us the high performance category for our golf tee. We then decided let’s give back! So we are very happy to be able to give to key charities that help our precious planet and people.