We are so happy to give proceeds back to key charities that are helping precious people and our precious earth. Tee 4 Life in working with small businesses and corporations will share stories as this giving adds up and news spreads.

Make A Wish Foundation – helping children and parents all over the world to grant special wishes and to care for financial assistance. Make A Wish is a beautiful charity and one that has assisted our family as well.

The ASPCA’s mission, as stated by founder Henry Bergh in 1866, is “to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.”

The Nature Conservancy’s goal is to plant trees all over the world where they can be safely planted and cared for. Trees filter our air, provide fresh drinking water and create homes for birds, animals and plants. Tee 4 Life saves trees, and we are glad to provide proceeds to this fine charity.

No Kid Hungry – as the name suggests. This wonderful charity helps provide meals to families who are in need. This is a special charity used by the Food Network. Imagine going to school and you were not able to eat breakfast or lunch? No Kid Hungry helps eliminate that problem. Tee 4 Life is proud to give proceeds to this fine charity!

There are so many good charities. We will add new ones, and this is very important for us to give back. Around the world, every day, life brings good things and also things that are difficult. If we are able, we will provide special charitable options. Recently the helicopter crash that affected 9 families. We will have a special logo tee that gives a portion of proceeds back to the Mamba On Three Organization. This non-profit, non-denomination Organization will help the affected families. Losing parents and children is beyond sad. We hope this will help just a bit for the financial impacts many will be facing.

A global charity that is helping medical personnel and people affected by the COVID19 virus is In this time of need, they distribute funds to those who need help the most.