Our tees have been used in 30 PGA / LPGA tour victories and counting!

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission here at T4L is to deliver a product that lasts a lifetime and contributes to help improve a life. A percentage of the proceeds go to family and environmental charities.

You can be confident that you are helping people and are taking an active role in the conservation of trees and the environment.

We hope you gain yardage and that you love our product as much as we do 😊


Our environmentally conscious tees are made of a modern soft composite that won’t break. That equals fewer trees chopped down for wooden tees.

Making an Impact

Golf to give! By purchasing our tees you are helping to give back because a percentage of the proceeds from your purchase are donated to family and environmental charities. So approach shot and spread the love.

Tee It Up

Longer Drives
Smaller Ball Seat = Less Resistance
Maximum Performance
Durable & Unbreakable


About our Products

Our High-Performance Tees have been independently tested and proven to produce straighter and longer drives!

Pro Launcher Tees conform with USGA and R&A Rules of Golf and are composed of a modern soft composite that is virtually unbreakable.

Launcher Tee II is designed for attaining a consistent ball height for all 360cc-460cc drivers.

Launcher P3 is designed for use on all Par 3’s or any tee off with a 7 wood or 3 hybrid.

Launcher G4 is ideal for Par 3’s, designed with a stopper that ensures the tee is set in the ground at the same position for a consistent ball height to increase your chances of hitting the Sweet Spot!

Customize your tees with your company name, phone number or logo!

Mulligan Starter Pack

4 tees included

  • 1 Pro Launcher Tee I
  • 1 Pro Launcher II
  • 1 G4
  • 1 P3

The Par Twelve Pack

12 tees included

  • 3 Pro Launcher Tee I
  • 3 Pro Launcher II
  • 3 G4
  • 3 P3

Hole in One

500 tees included

  • 250 Pro Launcher Tee I
  • 250 Pro Launcher II

Includes print set up fee and one color logo

What our customers are saying

‘‘Hey I just want to say I believe your tees are without a doubt the best ones on the market today. The reason I need more is not because I break them but the boneheads I usually play with don't ever seem to watch where they go and I lose them more often than not, so that's the reason for the yellow ones they may be easier for me to find. After I tee off the first thing I look for is my tee if it happens to disappear, I could care less where my ball goes, the guys don't have a problem finding that for me. ’’

Eric F.

‘‘I was recently in New Zealand for a number of PGA Senior Tournaments and at one tournament, was fortunate enough to be given a couple of the ProLauncher Tees. What a fabulous creation. I am hoping you can tell me where I can purchase them here in Australia. I am located on the Gold Coast, Queensland but would be happy to track them down almost anywhere. Look forward to hearing from you soon.’’

‘‘I played 6 PGA Tournaments with only two of your tees! The 3” and 1 7/8” pro tees… finally asked you for a few more in case I lost a few’’

‘‘I am using your pink pro Launcher Tee’s in tournament play. Breast Cancer Awareness is important to me’’

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Our Story in Three Sentences

Save A Tree!

Improve a Life!

Guaranteed for Life!

We were tired of seeing broken wooden and plastic tees on every tee box.
We invented a tee that would never break!
We want to give back!