Tee and Tree Math:
Various sources estimate that there are 60 million golfers in the world.   Lets cut that number in half, and use 30 million golfers in the world.
How many rounds of golf are played each year in the United States?
According to the National Golf Foundation there are nearly 500 million rounds of golf played each year in the United States in 2008.   Lets use 250 million rounds of golf as a key number!   And golf participation will always be the normal!   Golf is a cherished and loved sport.

What is the breakdown of wooden tee and plastic tee being used today?
A PGA Magazine article stated that 90% of the professional tour golfers use wood tees. Our conservative estimate is that about 80% of recreational golfers use wood tees leaving 20% using plastic and or tee materials.    So lets update our math formula:
30 Million Golfers (super conservative number)   and 250 million rounds of golf played (super conservative number) and now lets use 50% of  golfers using wood tee. (super conservative again)  = 15 million golfers using wood tee.

How many wood tees on average are used in one round of golf?  The estimates vary, yet the common quote as reported by Golf Magazine is 7 is the common number of tees needed for a round of golf.    For our math, lets use 4 (yes conservative) Now lets put our tee and tree formula together:

15 million golfers / 250 million rounds / 4 tees per round x 250 million = 1,billion tees!!!!!!!!

How many wood golf tees are in a tree?  November 2005, Golf Digest article. It broke down the actual dimensions of a full-grown White Birch tree and how many board feet of wood it contains. The conclusion was about 40,000 wood tees per tree.  fwww.TreeHugger.com in 2009 reported that it takes one full grown birch tree to produce 200,000 tees!  So, lets use the 100,000 as the conservative number, hoping that birch tree is giving its life for more tees then 40,000.      (By the way, a Birch tree is beautiful)

Our Tee and Tree Math Summary:   What is 100,000 divided into 1,000,000,000, this comes out to – 100,000 trees!    Lets say that again, 100,000 trees!

PER YEAR.    100,000 Trees per year.    What happens to all the broken woods tees?   Are they recycled?  Nope.    What we are doing, is lets change this formula.   We don’t expect wood tees to go away.   We are hopeful though that our composite tee, that never breaks will save 10%, 20%, 30% and more eventually in saving the birch tree and other tree types that are used.    Save the wood for other useful purposes.      No need for broken tees all over tee boxes, no need to spend time picking up broken wood tee or plastic tees that also break.   Use Tee 4 Life!   Give it a shot!   Save a Tree!  Also, save $100-$200 dollars per year!  🙂   And if your  golf club who buy 30,000-60,000 wood tees per year, you can also save $1000’s of dollars!  The planet will say thank you!