We recently saw an add, from a new tee manufacturer, in which they have created an angle tee, to promote or show that as club impact occurs, that the tee is not hit first… we are going to show a video soon, that helps prove that an upright angle really is fine.  Having the tee launched at a specific angles, is more mental then science, however, we do appreciate that many of the other high performance tees echo the same theme.   The wood tee is inferior to most of the modern tees.    The wood tee for sure, even if you don’t like some of these other crazy looking tees, promotes more friction.   DId this matter 10 years ago, no so much, does it matter now?  Yes, as the modern launch, gps, monitors so clearly prove that less spin happens, and a better ball flight does happen.   This does not mean, nor will ever mean, that you don’t get a great shot if your using a wood tee, of course you can.  It will always be the player first, if he uses an inferior ball, he can get a great shot, if he uses an inferior grip, or glove, or shaft, he can get a great shot, its just that its now FACT, better equipment, better accessories, provide better results in a more consistent manner.  Consistent is the key word.   Who does not want a better results, and once we know that our ball, our club, our shaft, our glove our shoe and now even our tee can do that, that is what we want and will use!